Shipping Policy - San Vicente Homemade Kakanin

Shipping Policy - San Vicente Homemade Kakanin

At San Vicente Homemade Kakanin, we do not offer shipping or delivery services for our highly perishable products. Customers are required to arrange for their own delivery through third-party delivery services and must understand the risks involved in handling and shipping our products.

    In-Store Pickup Only:

    • Customers are required to pick up their orders at our store location.
    • We do not provide shipping or delivery services for any orders.

    Third-Party Delivery Arrangements:

    • Customers are responsible for arranging their own delivery through third-party delivery services.
    • San Vicente Homemade Kakanin does not endorse or partner with any specific delivery service providers.

    Shipping Restrictions:

    • We do not ship our products to Manila or any other location through logistics companies such as LBC, JNT, or any other courier service.
    • All orders must be picked up at our store location.

    Risk Disclaimer:

    • Handling and shipping our highly perishable products through any courier service is at the customer's own risk.
    • San Vicente Homemade Kakanin is not liable for any damages, spoilage, or issues that may arise during transportation by third-party delivery services.

    Order Fulfillment:

    • Orders will be prepared and made available for pickup at our store location according to the agreed-upon schedule.
    • Customers are responsible for ensuring that their orders are collected promptly.

Contact Information: For any questions or inquiries regarding pickup arrangements or product availability, please contact us at our official Facebook page or Viber (09178045836).

By placing an order with San Vicente Homemade Kakanin, customers acknowledge and agree to the terms of our Shipping Policy. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring the safe and timely pickup of your orders.

Thank you for choosing San Vicente Homemade Kakanin for your kakanin needs!